safe'n'sound Childrens Nursery in Beverley

safe'n'sound Childrens Nursery in Beverley

Tel. 01482 871953


The routine and planned activities allow children to learn and develop through play.

Throughout the day children have free access to role-play, sand and water, outdoor play and many more activities. Highly qualified practitioners gradually encourage your child to become independent individuals. Practitioners support skills such as toilet training and feeding themselves. Observations and planning are carried out for all children in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Diary sheets are completed daily for each child to inform parents about their child’s day.

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Age Range Capacity Carer Ratio
2 - 3 years 16 Children 1 carer to 4 children


Staff at the Nursery have taken a keen interest in developing a relationship with my daughter and have been attentive to her needs as she has progressed through the baby and toddler rooms. Because of this she is a contented child who is always happy to go to Nursery. Consequently her Mum is contented too.

Attending safe'n'sound has enhanced Evie's social skills and aided her academic development.”

- Lynsey Guest